Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my prescription transferred to Wespaw Pets Pharmacy?
Simple… you can give us the name of your veterinarian, their phone number and the name of your pharmacy and we would be glad to call them on your behalf to obtain authorization to fill or refill your prescription. Please note, always give the pharmacy adequate time to be able to obtain a prescription or transfer of medication on your behalf.

How can I open an account with Wespaw Pets Pharmacy?
It’s so easy…. just call us at 718-406-9653or send us an email with your full name, your pet’s name, your address, and telephone number to rx@wespawpetsrx.com. We will have your pet’s profile established and ready just in case your veterinarian calls into our pharmacy for your pet’s prescription. There’s no charge to open a profile, nor do we sell or furnish your data to any third party agencies.
How can I get my veterinarian to call in or order a prescription through Wespaw Pets Pharmacy?
Your veterinarian can reach us by phone at718-406-9653, or fax us at 718-406-9654 or by emailing us at rx@wespawpetsrx.com

Why did my veterinarian choose to call Wespaw Pets Pharmacy for my pet’s prescription?
Trust, dependability, professionalism, exemplary service, affordable and competitive pricing, after hours accessibility for doctors,product knowledge, customer satisfaction, promptness, quality products, convenient location, reputable… are just some of the many adjectives that our veterinarians and pet parents have shared and best described Wespaw Pets Pharmacy. We are truly honored to earn such praises and will continue to uphold and exceed our patient’s and veterinarian’s expectations.

Do you have an automatic refill reminder program?
ABSOLUTELY!!…. we understand that parents have a busy life and have a lot of things to remember every single day. And sometimes they forget to call the pharmacy for their pet’s medication. No worries, at Wespaw Pets Pharmacy we can enroll you on an automatic refill reminder program at your request that allows us to remind you that your next refill is due, days before your pet’s medication runs out. Let us take one less thing to remember off your mind when it comes to your pet’s medication. Ask our pharmacy staff members for details.

My pet’s medication ran out of refills, can you call my veterinarian for more refills?
OF COURSE WE WILL… it is our duty and privilege to call your veterinarian on your behalf for refills. Please note though, response times can vary and some medications are refillable and some are not. We truly appreciate the great work and time spent our veterinarians and their staff members give to their patients, and sometimes they don’t get back to us right away. Please call ahead for refills so that we may give the veterinary offices the adequate time needed to get back to us with their authorizations. You may also enroll in our automatic refill reminder program to help streamline the process in the future. As soon as we hear back from your veterinarian, we will notify you of your pet’s refill status. The ultimate decision maker for your pet’s refills will be your veterinarian.

How do I know what dosage form is right for my pet?
No one knows your pet better than you and your veterinarian. That’s why our pharmacists here at Wespaw Pets Pharmacy will work with your veterinarian and yourself to best choose the right delivery option to get your pet the medication they need. Whether it’s a capsule, liquid, transdermal, flavored tablets, chews and others… we depend on the patient-veterinarian relationship to best communicate to us the right delivery option to obtain the highest compliance needed to achieve therapeutic goals.

If my veterinarian and I choose a liquid for my pet, are you able to flavor it?
Of course we can…. We carry over a dozen flavors for your pet to choose from. Whether it’s a dog, cat, reptile, small animal, birds or others… we will work with you and your veterinarian to find the flavor that best flavors the medication and increase palatability so that we all achieve the ultimate goal of getting your pet to take the medicine.

What if my pet is diabetic or allergic to a certain protein flavor?
Not a problem…. Just let us know or your veterinarian can tell us and we will custom flavor your pet’s medication around your pet’s need. We can make your pet’s medication unflavored, sugar free, dye free or even flavor it in non-protein flavors such as Bubble Gum, Peanut Butter, TuttiFrutti, Pina Colada……. just to name a few. The pharmacists at Wespaw Pets Pharmacy have the expertise and know how to tackle such situations through years of experience and clinical feedbacks.

What are my shipping or delivery options?
We ship or deliver your medications via a variety of options. Either through vehicles or via air mail. The best part about this is that it doesn’t cost you anything..… NOTHING! FREE DELIVERY/SHIPPING

How can I pay for my pet’s medication?
We accept cash, Visa, Master Card and Discover as forms of payments.

Does someone have to sign for my pet’s prescription when you deliver it?
We prefer to have someone sign for your medication. They must be 18 years of age or older, and it could be your neighbor, friend or family member. Prescriptions will not be left without a signature. All controlled substance medications must be signed for by someone 18 years of age or older.

How do I properly dispose of my used or unused medication?
Click here to learn more

Can you take back medication if my pet doesn’t need it anymore?
Unfortunately not…. We cannot take any medications back from any pet patient. We simply cannot re-use the medications back to another patient due to safety reasons, which is also why the NY State Board of Pharmacy prohibits such act. However, there are many pet hospitals that work with rescues or shelters and might accept medications as donations to treat financially unfortunate patients. Check with your local veterinarian or vet hospital for details.
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